Our mission

We help insurance companies through AI and otherwise hidden trends to tackle opportunities and threats to their business.

About AI Consultim

"Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the insurance sector by allowing for more accurate risk analysis, better personalized offers, and increased operational efficiency"

Our founder

Christophe Quesne is an experienced entrepreneur who has developed industry-leading software solutions for over 20 years to support the digital transformation of numerous insurers and mutuals. He is convinced that IA will disrupt this ongoing transformation with a new generation of tools and services that are yet to be built. Making sense of his work, respecting individuals, and exploring new possibilities to generate value are the guiding principles of his professional commitment.

Our story

AI Consultim has been a consulting player in the insurance sector for over 20 years and has completed numerous projects in digital transformation. The widespread deployment of AI presents an opportunity for AI Consultim's teams to explore and build innovative solutions from scratch, drawing on their extensive experience. AI Consultim is fully embracing this disruption and aims to turn its insights into ambitious and value-generating projects for its clients.

+20years old

Created in 2001

We have been working in the field of digital transformation in the insurance sector for over 20 years.


Projects successfull

Our combined experience represents over 100 successfully completed major transformation projects for our clients.


key domains

We remain focused on the areas of digital transformation and insurance.

Why choose us?

Our ambition is to convert ideas into concrete and successful projects that allow our clients to achieve the best results for their business.

Global experience

We have experience collaborating with major international groups as well as talented startups.

Quality for value

We focus our business on high-value-added services.

Favorable terms

Each mission is unique and tailor-made to meet the exact needs of our clients.

High standards

We benefit from in-depth knowledge in our domains and rely on our best expert partners to carry out our missions